Welcome to EasyLift

EasyLift's gently lift & define your eyes for a beautiful look.

Now it's easy to look younger, refreshed, and more alert with EasyLift!

Designed to make your eyes look more youthful.

EasyLift's instantaneous results will leave you feeling prettier and more confident. Made from extremely thin, transparent, non-porous, comfortable strips that instantly lift droopy eyelids.

  • An ideal alternative to eye lift surgery
  • Transparent & discreet
  • Can be used by men and women
  • Can be used with make-up
  • Easy to apply
  • EasyLift should be a part of everybody's makeup kit!
  • Can be used every day or as desired

EasyLift Benefits:

  • Works instantly!
  • Takes years off your appearance
  • Easy to apply
  • No expensive surgery needed
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Discreet

Use EasyLift for:

  • Droopy/Sagging Upper Eyelids
  • Alternative to Eyelid Surgery
  • Special Occasions & Photos
  • Makeup Artist Makeovers
  • Ptosis and Eye Disfigurements

Included in pack:

  • 64 EasyLift strips
  • Emollient Gel (4.0 ml)
  • Application instructions
Before & After for Easy Lift

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I use Easylift regularly, they are so easy to apply and completely invisible – Paul

Easylifts have changed my life, they make me look so much younger and feel more confident – Maya

I have dropping eyelids but am scared of the thought of laser eyelid surgery “Easylifts” are perfect for me, they are easy to use and lift my lids, perfect - Anne

Easylifts are Amazing they make me feel and look so much younger, when I wear them with make-up I look really glamorous, fantastic product. - Lynne